myIT New Employee User Guide

For an explanation of why this form is needed, please see the TSS page on Employee IT Provisioning.

Submitting New Employee IT Provisioning Requests

There are several ways to access the "IT Provisioning for New Employees" request form.

  1. Click the TSS Help Requests icon located on a TSS managed computer's desktop and then select the "New Employee IT Provisioning" link, or
  2. Go directly to the "IT Provisioning for New Employees" request form, or
  3. Navigate to the form within myIT, choosing "End-Point Computing", then "Local Unit Services", then "IT Provisioning for New Employees".

Getting Started

  1. Go to the Help Request page.
  2. Select the "New Employee IT Provisioning" link.
  3. You will be taken to the UF GatorLink login page as shown in the image below (click on the image for a larger view). Enter your GatorLink username and password in the fields provided and click the "Login" button (this step will be skipped if you are already signed onto GatorLink):


What the form looks like

After logging in you will see the "IT Provisioning for New Employees" form as shown below. Click on the image for a larger view.

New Employee Request

How to fill out the form

At the top of the form is a short description of the service category this ticket falls under. You are then asked to fill out various fields, such as the new employee's name and UFID number. The items marked with asterisks are required:

  • Describe the issue or request you have*
    Enter the reason for this request, in this case you are requesting a new employee be provisioned by IT.
  • New Employee's Name*
    Enter the name of the new employee.
  • New Employee's UFID number*
    Enter the UFID of the new employee. The UFID is an 8 digit number.
  • New Employee's GatorLink username*
    Enter the GatorLink username of the new employee.
  • New Employee's start date*
    Enter the start date (mm/dd/yyyy) for the new employee.
  • This user needs an e-mail account
    Check this box if the new employee needs a UF Exchange e-mail account.
  • This user needs a shared drive
    Check this box if the new employee needs access to shared/departmental drives, and specify which network drives in the description/request field above.
  • This user needs a computer ordered
    Check this box if a new computer needs to be ordered for the new employee. You will be contacted separately for information about the computer to be ordered.
  • What is the new user's role in the office?*
    Select either Faculty, Staff, Student Assistant, or OPS from the drop down menu.
  • Department*
    Enter the name of the department or unit the new user will be working in.
  • Building Name and Room Number*
    Enter the building name and room number where the new employee will be working.
  • Attachments
    To include additional information, click the "Browse" button in the lower left area of the screen to search for the file you wish to attach. You must have the file already saved somewhere on your computer in order to attach it.
  • Your contact information
    Provide a phone number you can be reached at.
  • Are you submitting on behalf of, or involving, another user?*
    Click on the "Yes" or "No" button. If you select "Yes", fill out the user's Name, GatorLink, Phone, and Email.

After you have finished filling out the form press the "Submit" button in the lower right side of the screen one (1) time. Pressing more than once may produce multiple requests.

That's it! TSS will be informed of the request. You will receive an email that your request has been submitted and was assigned a ticket number for tracking purposes.