Employee IT provisioning applies to individuals starting employment with the University of Florida, transferring between UF units, or ending their employment with the University. In order to ensure the employee has access to electronic resources necessary for their job—and that access is removed when they leave their position—Employee IT provisioning forms need to be submitted.

For TSS-supported units, please follow the instructions below, otherwise follow the instructions provided by your local IT support.

New hires or employees transferring into a TSS-supported unit

A New Employee IT Provisioning request must be submitted seven days (5 business days) in advance so the proper accounts and access may be granted to the employee. This includes email, network drives, printers, distribution email lists, and other services that TSS manages for supported units.

New employees must have created their GatorLink ID before TSS staff may start the new user setup process, so keep this in mind when submitting the request.

While users may be granted access to network resources, printers, and some online resources without the creation of an UF Exchange email account, all official UF business communications must be conducted with an email account ending in "ufl.edu" and may not be automatically forwarded to non-UF supported email systems (for more information, refer to UF's policy: Auto-Forwarding of Electronic Mail Prohibited).

Exiting employees, whether they are leaving their employment with UF or transferring to another UF unit

An Exiting IT Employee Provision request must be submitted so that the employee's files and emails are appropriately retained and/or transferred and so that the employee's access to TSS-managed resources may be removed. This is in addition to the UF HR required Employee Exit Checklist or other HR Policies.

Return of UF Computing Equipment and Devices

It is the unit's responsibility to retrieve any “AT-HOME” or other UF-owned computer equipment before the exiting employee's last day of employment. If necessary, the unit manager may specify that use of the equipment be extended to a specific date. If the equipment is not returned, it must be classified as stolen with the appropriate police reports submitted per UF Inventory and UF Information Security policies.

Retention of UF Electronic Records

Per UF Records Retention rules, the supervising unit will be offered rights to review the contents of email accounts and home drives of departing employees to determine whether the data should be retained or not. If the data should be retained for longer than three years, TSS will transfer the home drive or email data to the unit responsible for the data. If TSS does not hear back from the supervising unit, by default the email and files will be retained for three years. Please refer to the Florida Sunshine Law regarding state procedures TSS and the supervising unit must follow regarding data in any format stored on an exiting employee's computer or email mailbox.

Persons switching employment within UF are still responsible for following all UF retention rules, though the original unit may retain copies of the outgoing employee’s email and home drives for business, record retention, or other official UF purposes.


  • If the exiting employee is leaving UF, the unit may forward the exiting employee’s email address to the person(s) that are taking over the duties of the position. The forwarding is typically kept in place for a month, but that timeframe can be shortened or extended indefinitely depending on the unit’s needs.
  • If an individual is moving to another unit in UF, the forwarding of their email to the former unit is not an option as the individual must continue to use their UF Exchange account for official UF business.

Access Termination

  • An employee's access to network files and other resources managed by TSS may be extended beyond or removed sooner than an employee's last day of employment, depending on the manager’s preferences.
  • If an employee has no other active associations with UF, their GatorLink ID access is automatically terminated 30 days after their employment with UF has ended. Units may add the "Consultant-Staff" affiliation to an employee's UFID if extended access to resources is needed beyond the 30 day deadline.

Unusual Circumstances

If an employee is leaving under unusual circumstances and the unit needs additional online security measures or exact timing for the removal of electronic access, the unit should contact us directly. TSS will coordinate with other UFIT units as appropriate.