In general, submit a Help Request for IT advisement, price quotes, or software/hardware installation by TSS.

Procedure for New and Replacement Hardware and Software

  1. New and replacement IT equipment and software licenses are to be purchased from a unit's own budget.
  2. If requested via an Help Request, TSS will work with a unit to help determine options and costs for meeting the unit's computing needs and will provide quotes for hardware. More information on ordering software licenses is available at UF's Software Licensing Services.
  3. Units should follow their internal purchase procedures to order and pay for IT-related equipment and software.
  4. TSS should be alerted via a Help Request when new equipment is received, so that setup and installation can be scheduled. When licensed (purchased) software is to be installed on a computer, the license number must be provided as proof of purchase. TSS will install software overnight when possible, or install it at a time convenient to the user.
  5. TSS retains the right to refuse support for non-standard IT equipment or software that was not approved in advance by the Office of Information Security via their Risk Assessment process.

For more information, please see TSS's Computer Standards and Software Standards.

UFIT Units - Procurement and Installation


  • Follow the steps above for requesting software that must be purchased. For step #3, the UFIT Business Center will order software via MyRequest tickets, but your unit must first approve the expense.

Computer Hardware and Peripherals