Prioritization of Help Request Tickets

Service Level Expectation (SLE)

A TSS employee will respond to all customer Help Requests within one business day. TSS will help all customers as quickly as possible, but at times must prioritize tickets in the following order:

  1. Security Incidents
    If a computer or network drive has been infected with an active virus or is otherwise corrupted, TSS's first priority is to address this issue before it spreads.
  2. Emergency Change Requests
    When a change has to be implemented immediately to protect UF resources, such as removing access to sensitive or restricted data.
  3. Non-security Incidents
    When someone cannot perform a function that they could previously perform (something "breaks"). Incidents that effect a large number of individuals will be addressed before incidents that only affect one person.
  4. General Change Requests
    These include new and exiting employee IT Provisioning, creation of or changes to distributions lists, granting someone new access to an existing resource, setting up a new computer when the employee's current computer is still functional, etc.

Within each status, further prioritization may occur:

  • TSS support staff are assigned tickets based upon their technical capabilities, and thus a particular TSS employee may be working on less urgent tickets when higher priorities require a more advanced skill set.
  • Customers who do not have administrative access to the machines or service they are requesting help with will be helped before customers who have administrative access.
  • Tickets for computers where TSS employees do not have administrative access or do not manage the machine (ex: self-managed or non-managed machines) are a lower priority than tickets for machines that TSS manages. For an explanation of machine management, please see the Workstation Support Level page.
  • And finally, all other things being equal, tickets are addressed in the order they are received.

Please note, a Help Request must be submitted for a ticket to gain priority. General Change Requests that are received via other routes are last in the priority list.