TSS-managed devices are automatically configured to receive updates and patches as they become available from their respective vendors - Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, etc.  Individuals who manage their own computers should regularly check vendor websites for updates and patches and install available updates and patches shortly after they become available. 

* Note: While technically different, the terms update and patch will be used interchangeably on this page.

Windows Patching

  • Patches for Windows and supported applications are published weekly on Thursday mornings.
    • If there are patches available for your device, expect to see a notification like this:

  • Patches from the current week have a deployment deadline of late Friday night.
    • Once the deadline is reached, the current week’s patches will automatically deploy as soon as possible
    • If the device is unable to communicate with the patching system, for any reason, and misses the deployment deadline, the patches will deploy as soon as possible once communication is resumed.
  • Patches from previous weeks have already passed their deployment deadline and will automatically deploy as soon as possible.
  • Once patches have deployed, they will likely require a restart.
    • Nearly all devices are configured for a nightly maintenance window (11pm – 6am) during which automatic restarts are allowed.
    • For special configurations/circumstances it is possible to exempt a device from automatic restarts.
  • It is possible to review which patches are available, and deploy them right away, outside of business hours, or to snooze the notification, by…
    • Clicking the notification directly:


    • Or, using the system-tray icon like so:


    • Here is what that interface will look like:

  • It is possible to configure business hours as well as see more detailed information and selectively deploy patches using the full Software Center

Getting Help

If you have questions or concerns about patching and updates on TSS-managed devices, please submit a myIT Help Request for more information.