Workspace Support

TSS provides computer and general information technology support for administrative units located across campus. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • New employee setup and and exiting employee decommissioning for IT related services (email, printers, file servers, etc.)
  • Security and updates for TSS-managed computers
    • maintaining the patch level of the operating system
    • maintaining the virus definitions for the virus scanning system
    • updating software, as needed
    • encryption and tracking of laptops
    • outage and security incident response
  • Hardware maintenance
    • setup of new workstations: desktop computers, laptops, VDI clients
    • hardware diagnostics
    • labor for the replacement of worn/damaged parts internal to a computer (cost of the parts are charged to the unit)
  • Installation of computer peripherals
    • printers not covered by the PrintSmart contract
    • keyboards/mice
    • desktop cameras for video conferencing
  • Installation of approved and licensed software
    • Microsoft Office
    • Adobe products
    • UFIT supported or required software (browsers, plugins, ...)
  • Quotes for software and hardware purchases
  • Support for centralized UFIT services
    • UF Exchange email & calendaring, network file drives, GatorCloud, ...

More information:

  • Specifics on UFIT Policies and TSS Standards and Procedures is available on the Policies section of this website.
  • If an employee with administrative rights to their machine has varied too far from the standard TSS setup, the machine was not setup by TSS, or the machine is self-managed by the employee, TSS can not guarantee support time to resolve issues. Please see the Workstation Support Levels page for more information.